Welcome to my world!

I am Annut, sometimes better but perhaps less appropriately known as Anna, and this is my homepage. It's been written not because for one moment I believe that anyone is actually going to be interested in it, but as an exercise in teaching myself HTML. This is why so much of it is dedicated to Savoy, because I couldn't think of anything else to write about (and there are not nearly enough pages dedicated to this fine band!)

So, what can I tell you about myself without putting in too much incriminating evidence? I'm the one on the right in this picture Lauren Savoy and Anna Adeney (me): Oslo Airport 31-10-97 but for a clearer idea of who I am you'll have to use a little imagination (and also because the picture isn't all that clear via some browsers). Take one body, about 10 stone in weight (a little more actually since my Christmas binge, but it's falling off slowly), decorate with brown hair and a set of blue eyes. Clothe in blue denim and top off with a Philadelphia Eagles Baseball Cap. Leave to rise for 22 years, add a smattering of intelligence and a 2:1 Honours Degree in History. Turn out into the world of work to accumulate a little customer service experience, and place into new job as a System Support Analyst. And that's me :)

So where does the name Annut come from anyway?

Well, it's been with me for the best part of 10 years now, since the days of my being an innocent teenager (well, okay, so maybe I was never that innocent then ...) It derives from being dubbed "Anna the Nutcase" by some of my penpals and being progressively shortened, until we ended up with the final product. It suits me quite well in my madder moments.

What the hell is that image in the background?

Savoy, live on stage last yearAh, I was hoping you'd get around to asking that one. It's the front cover from a debut album by a rather fine band called Savoy who are my current musical passion. The link above will take you to the rest of my pages which concern said band, and into which most of my effort has gone. I hope you have as good a time viewing them as I did writing them. A brief overview of the band will suffice here. Savoy are Pål Waaktaar-Savoy, Lauren Waaktaar-Savoy (husband and wife rather than brother and sister) Frode Unneland, and Greg Calvert. To date, they've released two albums, Mary Is Coming and Lackluster Me but have not achieved widescale international recognition.

No, that's quite enough.
What else do you with your life?

Hmm, now there's a tough one. Well, I spend a reasonable amount of time persecuting and generally making life difficult for any annoying beeping tamagotchi's that I come across, my current pet hate (I find hiding them and allowing them to starve to death just as satisfying as putting them through the washing machine, a guaranteed way to ensure they are well and truly terminated). The traumagotcha website gets quite a lot of visits from me, needless to say. Over and above that? Well, I'm into a wide range of music, current listening ranging from Savoy and related artists (a-ha and Morten Harket) to Metallica and even diversifying as far as Carmen! I've just started a new job as Systems Support Analyst (whatever one of them does, I get to find out tomorrow!!!) and am intending to do an MSc in IT once the next academic year gets going (note: if anyone wants to donate £5,500 to a worthy cause, sponsorship for this MSc would be a great investment).

And that's it?

Terry Pratchett's Discworld TurtleWell, almost. I love reading too, I'm very much into Terry Pratchett although IMHO he's going slightly downhill in recent texts, and other, slightly saner fantasy authors R.A.Salvatore and Raymond E. Feist being my current favourites, can't get enough of that Drow ranger Drizzt Do'Urden! Other than that, whenever I get the time I code on a MUD called Sushi where I have attained wiz status. Unfortunately, I don't get to logon there very often any more, although when I go back to Uni I am sure my login time will go up exponentially (recent rumours have intimated that MUDding could be the reason for my return to Uni, and I'd like to refute these unfounded assertions).Lauren Savoy and Anna Adeney (me): Kensington, London 1991. How much have I changed in 6 years? NOT AT ALL :)

What's MUDding?

Ah, had a feeling you might ask that ... if a websearch doesn't make you any the wiser, and it may not be the best place to start, then try the following link to the Sushi homepage and see if that helps any. My best area, as yet, is still being coded, but should it ever get finished, it's going to be very, very cool.

Anyway, that's about it, not much else to say, or at least nothing that I will admit to. So, enjoy the rest of the pages, and thanks for visiting the world of Annut! Any comments or insults, please mail me via the following handy little link.

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Last updated and messed around with: January 16th 1998.